Posted by: healingseeker | October 24, 2012

Do you have breast cancer but lack health insurance?

Breast cancer symbols plus 6 signs of breast cancer title page
What do you do if you discover you have one of the six main symptoms of breast cancer; however, you do not have health insurance?

As you already learned in the article entitled “Breast Cancer: So you found a breast lump,” early detection is the key to potentially saving part or all of your breast, your lymph nodes, and potentially your life.

What are the six main symptoms of breast cancer?

1. Lump in the breast
2. Dimple or indentation on the breast
3. Rash on the breast
4. Puckering of the breast-skin
5. Nipple discharge
6. Breast suddenly deflates (i.e., shrinks) or inflates (i.e., grows)

Oh, no! You don’t have health insurance

If you discover you may have breast cancer but do not have health insurance, this is potentially not an insurmountable obstacle.

To read the rest of the article, click BREAST CANCER.

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