Posted by: healingseeker | October 28, 2011

Soy is an artificial estrogen

I called my oncologist today to get more details about the whole soy situation. I had forgotten to ask when I had my quarterly check-up. If you have not read this blog, then you may not know that I am a breast cancer survivor and cancer-free aka ‘in remission’. I had already learned that I should not take ‘One A Day’ Menopause for hot flashes as it had soy in it. Soy, in the form they utilize it in those vitamins, contributes to cancer. That made me wonder about soy milk, etc. So today I called to request clarification. This is what I learned.


Soy is an artificial estrogen. In case you are not aware, estrogen feeds cancer. Therefore, they recommend that I do not drink soy milk or take soy in any form. I was not actually drinking soy milk, but I sometimes used it as a milk substitute in recipes. I will no longer do that.

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