Posted by: healingseeker | March 5, 2011

Things are stabilizing health-wise plus my home office renovations have been completed

5 March 2011

Things have been stabilizing in many areas of my life. Last time I sent an update, I was dealing with the whole lymphedema situation in my upper left arm. Since that time, I have gone through four out of my six physical therapy sessions. My insurance company has my compression sleeves on back order. Additionally, I am feeling more peaceful about the whole topic.

When I told my oncologist that the physical therapist indicated I would have to wear these compression sleeves every day for the rest of my life, he stated the following:

“This is how it is going to go. You will wear the sleeves for a while. Your arm will stop hurting. You will stop wearing the sleeves for a few days. When you notice your arm begin to hurt again, you resume wearing the sleeves. You wear them every day for a while. Your arm feels better. You leave off wearing the sleeves.”

That felt more freeing. Kind of that circle of life kind of thing. That feels much more comfortable than the words, “YOU MUST WEAR YOUR SLEEVES EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE OR ELSE … BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN.”

I have ordered several books on the topic. I have ordered a DVD on how to do the self-message and the exercises. Once the sleeves come in, I will schedule my last two physical therapy sessions to learn how to wear the sleeves and any last-minute information the therapist thinks will be helpful.

In the meantime, I have been joyfully distracted by a nearly month-long renovation going on in our log cabin for my home office. In brief, the room bowed toward the center. We thought it was because the ground had shifted underneath the cabin. Instead, when Tommy and Dal, the two men who do many of our repairs, tore up the floor, they discovered that some of the flimsy tree limbs or logs holding up the floor were broken through. I could have walked into my office one day and fallen through.

They tore up the floor, put down very sturdy floor joists, etc., etc. You can see the before and after pictures on this hub link. You will also see some of the highlights of some of the pictures during this multiple-day project.

Home Office Renovations Before and After Pictures

It just thrills me to the core to have such a pretty room to work in that is totally reflective of my personality.

Cousin Diane, you will notice the pretty prayer shawl that you crocheted for me when I started going through chemo. It is sitting on the back of my chair.

Teresa, you will notice the beautiful Egyptian scarf you sent me from Egypt back when you taught school there. It is covering up the backside of my main computer desk.

Mom and Dad and husband Randy, you should notice your photos sitting on my beautiful chest of drawers I purchased at a used furniture store for only $69.
Mother-in-law Edna, you will see the pretty pink and blue flowering basket sitting on top of my filing cabinet.

The angel picture hanging on the wall was made by the woman who would have been my sister-in-law, had she lived. She died several years before my husband and I met.

In the den, I have a mini-trampoline and a few other portable “exercise toys” set up to help me stay limber. Eventually, I will get disciplined about going back to the YMCA where I hold a membership.

My big focus has been on nutrition. To make certain that I do not ever get cancer again, I have been focusing a lot of my energy on diet and nutrition and food combining. It is a work-in-progress.

The basic goals that I am working my way toward are the following:

* Eat only raw fruit until noon.

* Working my way toward trying to make certain that at least 50% of what I consume daily is raw: raw fruit, raw vegetables, raw seeds and nuts (non-roasted), homemade juiced drinks of veggies and fruit (non-pasteurized).

* Try to not eat proteins and starches at the same meal.

This is based on Harvey and Marilyn Diamond’s book called “Fit for Life” and Harvey Diamond’s book called “Fit for Life Not Fat for Life.”

Here is a review of the “Fit for Life” book, in case you are curious to hear more.

Ask DJ Lyons Book Review: Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

I have met with both my oncologist and my radiation oncologist. They are both very pleased with my progress. Since I am cancer-free, I only have to see them once every three months now.

All in all, I am a very blessed woman. I am eternally grateful to God and to all of your prayers and support.

I wish you all every happiness and a wonderful blessed day.

With love,
Healing Seeker aka Debbie

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