Posted by: healingseeker | October 22, 2010

No more scarves or wig for me!

Debbie Dunn at Southerland Farms 10-9-2010 Photo taken by Mary Hayes

Debbie Dunn at Southerland Farms 10-9-2010 Photo taken by Mary Hayes

Written on 22 October 2010

As of October 14th, I declared it freedom day from all scarves and the wig. My hair is now about one-inch long. I feel that is long enough to go out in pubic uncovered. My husband feels it looks like a fashion statement rather than somebody who HAD breast cancer. Notice the use of past tense. After all, since I am in remission, than I no longer HAVE breast cancer. I HAD breast cancer. The daily radiation treatments that will continue until November 5th are preventative only. The five year low-dosage chemo tablet that I am taking is preventative as well.

I packed the scarves away in the storage room. My husband and I discussed it. I am going to give the wig back to the Reach for Recovery program. They can get it cleaned and give it to somebody else who might wish to have a wig of straight shoulder length blond hair.

This feels truly liberating to me. I had been wearing the scarf around town. I would wear the wig only when giving storytelling performances. The last time I used the wig was for my September 16th storytelling performance at Kiwanis. I’m certain it looked odd as I had gray sideburns sticking out of a blond wig. By the time I noticed this, I did not have time to color my hair. Chemo can cause your hair to grow in different colors, textures, curly as opposed to straight or the opposite, etc. Fortunately, this was my father’s Kiwanis group; therefore, most of them knew that I had been traveling that breast cancer journey. A couple of days later, I colored my hair back to its original blond state.

A couple of weekends back, I did a storytelling performance in Greeneville, TN. I wore a floppy hat to cover up the extremely short blond hair. It seemed to work. Plus, some of them knew about the breast cancer. As I packed for my storytelling trip in Franklin, TN and two shows near Glasgow, KY, I decided that wearing the floppy hat to kind of spice up the ultra short blond hair would work for those gigs as well. Other than one person, none of the rest of them knew about the breast cancer, as far as I know. I didn’t want them to feel they were going to get a substandard performance.  A photographer by the name of Mary Hayes took my picture at the October 9th show in Greeneville, TN. I am including the picture in this article so you can see how I looked.

I had to return to the doctor on October 13th because the viral infection I had was still not better. I certainly didn’t want to cough my way through a performance. The doctor gave me a steroid shot which seemed to help. This cough has been going on for more than 3 weeks. The radiation oncologist does not feel it has any connection with the radiation treatments. The cough is a lot better now. Fortunately, I did not cough even once during any of my performances.

As far as radiation, later on today, I will go for my 24th treatment out of 35. I missed the treatments on Oct. 18th and 19th due to being in Kentucky. My October 20th treatment got canceled as they had a power surge that made the machines inoperable. Yesterday, I was able to resume treatments. Since my radiation treatments are preventative only, none of this made me panic. I would not have been so calm if I had had to miss a chemo treatment. Unless they have another power surge or I get another out-of-town booking, my radiation treatments will end on November 5th. Apparently, 35 treatments is the magic number for breast cancer so that is how many I will get. Today is my last day where they will aim the radiation toward my throat area. Then I have a few more days of them additionally aiming the radiation at my chest wall. Then they will do about ten days of aiming the radiation at the scar tissue of the double mastectomy. By the way, they are only doing their treatments in my left breast area. They did not feel it is necessary to aim any radiation at my right breast area.

My energy level is good and my spirits are high. I am so grateful to God and all my supportive family and friends for the strength and power of prayer. I also am grateful to have such good doctors who I can really trust.

Have a wonderful day! Much love to you all,
Healing Seeker aka Debbie Dunn


  1. Thanks so much, Ellen! I appreciate the compliment. Have a wonderful day!
    Love ya,

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