Posted by: healingseeker | April 11, 2010

I’ve passed the halfway point on Chemo treatments

11 April 2010

I’ve passed the halfway point on Chemo treatments. Woo-hoo! As of Thursday, April 8th, I have finally completed my 4 rounds of the Red Devil form of chemo. Three days later, I still have no side effects other than needing to go to bed earlier than usual, a little decrease in appetite, and a couple of my taste buds are a little dulled. I may be feeling a bit of that metallic taste kicking in; however, it is slight so far. I had a week and a half of that kicking in after a few days of the 3rd round. Other than that, so far, I feel pretty good as of Sunday morning.

What makes it even nicer, other than being bald and wearing a knit cap or a cover-up scarf (depending on the weather outside), you would never know to look at me that I have breast cancer or any kind of cancer as I look healthy and hearty. I am very grateful for that and grateful for the decreased side effects each round. Thank you, God!

The prayer support I receive is definitely paying off! Thank you for every single one of you who have ever sent a prayer in my direction. I am very grateful for that as well!

On chemo day, I brought my chemo kit along as usual: blanket, DVD player with rented DVD from Redbox, and slippers. My husband Randy brought me breakfast from Hardee’s. My stomach felt a little unsettled, so I waited about an hour before eating. I waited until all the anti-nausea medicine was siphoned through me. Once they started the actual chemo drugs, I was finally able to eat a few bites. In the meantime, I watched about 2/3’s of the movie, paused it to take a nap using the prayer shawl crocheted for me by one of Randy’s cousins, and then woke up to finish the movie.

The only glitch was that Dr. Patel and nurses said that my blood counts revealed that my body was low on Potassium. So they have put me on a two-week regime of taking a giant horse-pill of Potassium daily. They said they may call me after the weekly blood count and put me on Magnesium as well.

It was also interesting to me that they would not start my chemo until my blood counts came in. One woman had results that revealed she was not strong enough for chemo that day. She was going to have to come back another day. I was most grateful that my blood counts, although not quite back to normal, were high enough that I could get my 4th round of chemo over with.

By the way, I never did pee red due to the Red Devil chemo. It has always been patriotic Vols orange. It definitely helps to pump the liquid.

Next four rounds will be with Taxotere and Benedryl. They will only be 2 hours or so sessions as opposed to sessions of three hours and more.

My eighth and last chemo session will be July 1st. Then my body will rest for four weeks. Then I will have the double Mastectomy and full Hysterectomy all on the same day around the 1st of August. I will be kept in the hospital about three nights. Then after my body having four to six weeks to rest, I will start 6 to 7 weeks of daily radiation sessions (5 days a week). That will be rounded off by a 5-year low dosage chemo tablet for those women who are post-menstraul. It’s called Arimidex.

I guess it will be during that time of taking that pill, I will find out whether I can qualify for the term remission, cured, or suspended judgment of the results until I get through that five-year period of taking that tablet. That is a question I had forgotten to ask thus far. I guess it is because I have basically been taking one day at a time and not thinking too far ahead. I aim to ask that question pretty soon.

In any case, I still feel like a breast cancer survivor as I know I will get through all of this with flying colors. God is so good!

With so much love and blessings to you all,
Healing Seeker aka Debbie

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