Posted by: healingseeker | March 5, 2010

Got my hair shaved today

5 March 5 2010

I got my hair shaved today. I had lost the bulk of my hair 15 days after my first chemo treatment through the following week. Then, there were the last 30 or so shoulder-length clingers that didn’t want to fall out no matter what. So I decided yesterday that I wanted them gone.

Today, I had the fun of cutting my own hair close to the scalp. The last time I cut my own hair, I was four years old using kid scissors. At age 4, I decided I wanted my hair cut. My mother resisted. While she and my older brother were outside, I recall standing in front of the full-length mirror and cutting my hair shorter. Naturally, I got caught before I was finished. My hair was all zig-zaggy. Then my mother actually had to get my hair cut to even it out.

So I had fun cutting my hair today. Then I rubbed shaving cream all over my scalp and my husband spent about thirty minutes shaving off the rest of my hair. So now, I am bald-headed for real. Smile!

After showering, I put on one of my knit caps and we went out to have a delicious lunch. The food was yummy.

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