Posted by: healingseeker | March 1, 2010

Second of 8 chemo rounds going much smoother than first

1 March 2010

Today is early in the am on Monday, March 1, 2010. My sleep cycle is somewhat off. I went to sleep around 11 pm and woke up at around 3 am and lay in bed for about an hour and then got up. I’m having a little snack and writing this blog. Chemo happened this past Thursday.

I am so pleased to say that this second of 8 rounds of chemo is going much smoother than the first.

First time around, I had gum pain when I ate hot food. This time, no gum pain.

First time around, I had a little bit of back pain due to the white blood cell boosting shot called Neulasta. This time, no back pain.

First time around, I had that scalded feeling from mouth down to stomach lining. So far, no scalded feeling. Plus, if it does happen, I now have prescription medicine I can take that I know helps.

First time around, I had a little queasiness. This time around, I must admit, I’m having a bit more of that in the evenings; however, I am finding that the medicine I have can help. Taking Tums and drinking water helps as well.

First time around, I had to take more naps. This time around, I seem to have more energy. Case in point. My mother-in-law lives permanently in a nursing home funded by Medicaid. Medicaid basically owns her house. We cannot sell it because if she gets over $2000, she would be kicked off Medicaid. Sadly, we still have to pay her property tax to the tune of $800 plus a year, her monthly gas bills, electric bills, and water bills. We also have to pay somebody to mow her lawn during mowing season. Her account got down to $71. So on Friday, I listed her furniture on Craigslist. Three sets of buyers came in, two that came on Saturday and two that came on Sunday – a repeat visit to pick up what they decided to buy. God fueled me with the necessary energy to get through all four visits. The people were so kind. They understood I had breast cancer and could not help haul furniture down the stairs. They bought a lot of the furniture which gets her account back up to the point where we can go over a year without worrying about not having enough to pay her bills. Being on Medicaid and living in a nursing home, she only gets $40 a month of her and her deceased husband’s social security checks. That $40 is absorbed every month by her $8 cable bill and her weekly hair appointments. Therefore, she has $0 coming in. She is not aware that we fund everything else that she needs such as new clothes, extra food, make-up, etc. She is a joy in our life; therefore, we do not begrudge her this. It’s just an extra financial adjustment that we have to make.

So I was so thrilled and grateful to God that so much of the furniture is finally sold. We tried to do this several months ago with very little success. Also, I was so grateful to God that He fueled me with the energy I needed to get through the several hours of visits. My husband is very grateful as well. He was tied up going to the UT basketball game to cover it as a sports writer. Then he had to spend both weekend days writing three articles per day about the blow-out game. Additionally, the house feels somewhat haunted to him due to the fact that he found his father dead in the house in December of 2008. The house holds no ghosts for me, so it is so much easier for me to come in and take care of such tasks.

One of the couples takes part in races for breast cancer. We had a wonderful talk. All three couples were so very special. It was lovely that it was a WIN-WIN all the way around. They got furniture that they needed and feel pleased with. We got that furniture out of the house and sold finally. It was a load off in many ways.

There may be another buyer coming today and another one on Wednesday. I’m just so thrilled that the biggest ticket items are already taken care of. Most of the furniture was in great condition as both my in-law’s took great pride in their belongings and their home.

Back to side effects, I can still taste most of my food this time around. I guess it is because I didn’t get that scalded feeling on my tongue and mouth and throat and stomach this time around.

Sunday late afternoon, my husband Randy and I went to celebrate the success of the sales at one of our favorite restaurants. I was able to eat a pretty good amount, given that my appetite is quite decreased so close to a chemo treatment. I really enjoyed what I did eat. We had enough leftovers that my mother-in-law got to eat some of her favorite foods that Randy brought to her at the nursing home, and we have some leftovers that either Randy or I will eat sometime soon.

So other than a decreased appetite and an occasional feeling of queasiness and my sleep cycle being a bit off, I am doing so much better with round 2 of the 8 rounds of chemo I will be having. Thank you, God!


  1. My prayers are with you everyday, that you stay strong. Keep the postive attitude you have, & your faith in “GOD” & he will see you thru.

    “Be Bless”

    • Thanks so much, Ollie. I am very grateful for your loving support. Many blessings to you as well,

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