Posted by: healingseeker | February 20, 2010

Hair loss began on day 15 after first Red Devil chemo treatment

20 February 2010

Last night, hair loss began. When I run my hand, a comb, or a brush through my hair, several strands of hair come out each time.

Scalp pain and the feeling like every hair on my head was being pulled taut began on the 14th or 15th. Hair loss began on the 19th. Currently, my hair is so thick, you can’t tell that I’ve lost anything. I wonder how soon that will change?

P.S. Written on 21 February 2010

Two-thirds of my hair is gone. My hair is so thick and I had so much of it, that I still look like I have hair. In other words, no bald spots yet. Every time I run my hand through my hair, multiple strands come out. My husband and I are going out to lunch. I am staying away from my hair until we return home so as to not be out in public with bald spots. Just in case, I have a knitted cap in my purse. We are also going to go hat or turban shopping after lunch.

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