Posted by: healingseeker | January 25, 2010

Bone & Cat Scan have been scheduled for 28 Jan 2010

25 Jan 2010

Hi from Healing Seeker aka Debbie,

25 Jan 2010 – Visited my husband’s family doctor for the first time as I have a bit of that bronchial condition going around. I have bouts of that chesty kind of cough, sometimes sneezing, and some drainage. My husband has had it since two weeks before Thanksgiving and is mostly over it. I guess I caught a bit of his.

Knowing that chemo is starting soon and my immunity level and white blood cell count will be down, I knew I needed to take care of this. This was not just for my sake. It is also for the sake of the other people in the room who will be getting chemo as well. The last thing I want to do is to make their situation be worse.

The doctor was wonderful! He told me that he will work with my oncologist and pick up the slack, where needed. He wants to see me again in three months just to make certain everything is okay. Also, he has established an open door policy for me, given my situation. My husband has raved about him for years. I can see why.

27 Jan 2010 – I will visit my surgeon so he can look at the Sub Q Port (Subcutaneous Port) that he implanted in me on 15 Jan 2010. Also, I can show him the location of the second marble-sized tumor that I found on 21 Jan 2010.

Thursday, 28 Jan 2010 – My bone scan and cat scan will take place. I find out tomorrow more details about that when I return the nurse’s phone call.

It takes 2 days for the results of the scan to come back; therefore, I am guessing that I will get the results on Monday, 1 Feb 2010. We will then have a baseline picture of where in my body all the cancer cells are located. My understanding is that even if cancer cells appear elsewhere, it is all still considered breast cancer since it started in the breast.

Monday would be a bad day for chemo to begin as that is the day of all the breast cancer support group meetings plus my husband has to go to basketball press conferences on that day at UT in Knoxville. He wants to be there to drive me to my first chemo session.

I am guessing that chemo will begin on Tuesday or Wednesday of that week – either 2 Feb 2010 or 3 Feb 2010. I must admit that my husband and I both will be SO RELIEVED once chemo begins. We want to attack these cancer cells before they have time to spread too much beyond my left breast.

Have a great day everybody. Much love to you all,

Healing Seeker aka Debbie


  1. Debbie, I love reading your blog. I feel much closer to you, and I love keeping up with you. Hang in there! Love you, Diane

  2. Thank you so much, Diane. Also, thanks so much for giving me the beautiful prayer shawl. I was so touched and am very grateful!

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