Posted by: healingseeker | January 17, 2010

How to donate hair to Oil Spills program

Getting hair ready for donation

Getting hair ready for donation

If you own or work at a hair salon, you can donate cut hair and the hair you sweep up from the floor to the Hair for Oil Spills Program that is part of the organization called Matter of Or perhaps you are a busy mother who cuts the hair of your entire family. Rather than throwing that hair away, wouldn’t you like to do something to help our environment?

The group called “Matter of Trust” will weave together all excess hair into a hair mat that helps soak up oil when there is an oil spill. Since there are hundreds of oil spills every year, just think what a difference your donated hair clippings will make.

They will also take pet hair, old nylon stockings with or without runs, waste wool, feathers, and natural fiber donors. See how this program works.

Click DONATE HAIR to read the entire article on

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