Posted by: healingseeker | January 6, 2010

Part 3 of Today’s Healing Prayer Work for Breastlumpia and my 3×5 inch Lump

Edited on 5 January 2010 about article written on:

30 December 2009

Breastlumpia, what is your reaction to the Squirrel tale?

I do have a reaction to that story. I agree with your husband that you treat me as an honored guest and the lump like a guest who is in need of more love. If you send it hateful, negating thoughts, you will only aggravate the negative aspects of the lump and cause it to grow bigger or more menacing. If you send it loving thoughts, it will get more and more benign.

Do you recall reading the story by Madeline L’Engle called “The Wrinkle in Time”? Remember when IT had taken over Charles Wallace’s mind. Meg came in and had to figure out a way to send love to free her brother, yet not be taken in my IT herself. She finally decided to love the part of Charles Wallace that was the little brother she cherished, not the odd-looking little brother who appeared to be a total stranger to her.

That did the trick! She set her brother free and herself as well.

In a same way, you must LOVE the part of this lump that tried to let you know that you cannot play around with suicidal ideations or wishing to end your internship early on Mother Earth. You are here for the duration until God Himself decides it is the perfect time to take you home. In the meantime, your job is to live fully and to love as fully as you can.

Additionally, for as long as this lump is a guest inside your body, know that it is a part of you who should be nurtured and loved as well.

Right now, if you hurt the lump, you hurt you. God knows how to excise the lump. Trained physicians know how to excise the lump. Since you do not, it is your job to send it love and light and energy for as long as it is there making its home inside your body.

Once God and the physicians remove it, then it is your job to fill the space it vacated with love and light and energy, since  nature abhors a vacuum.

Me: Thanks, Breastlumpia. Your words were very helpful! Team, do you have anything to add?

Team: Breastlumpia spoke for us all. Her words were very apt and true as were your husband’s words. We would suggest that you do not allow yourself to squeeze and try to measure the lump up to the day of your appointment. Touch it only if you are planning to do Reiki. Otherwise, just go about your day feeling love for all parts of your body, including your Guest Lump.

Have a peaceful and joyful day!

Me: Thanks, one and all! Any comments from readers will be appreciated as well.

Much love to you all, Healing Seeker

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