Posted by: healingseeker | January 5, 2010

Reintegration Healing Process with Breastlumpia

Edited on 5 January 2010 about an article I wrote on:

29 December 2009

Step 1: Sitting in a comfortable chair, I closed my eyes and took three deep, calming breaths.

Step 2: Placing both hands covering my breasts, I decided to call on the Diva of Healing to join with me to send some Reiki energy to my breasts. My hands are still hot and tingling as that healing energy courses through me. I am so grateful that God gave us such a powerful healing gift. Reiki is one of the many blessings he provides for us. Thank you, God! Thank you so very much!

Step 3: I picture or sense or feel Breastlumpia in my head. She told me that she looks like an inmate from a concentration camp. I am holding out the vision that as I visit her with more and more love from my heart space to her heart space, she will flesh out and look calm, peaceful, and beautiful.

“Breastlumpia, I put my arms around you with love. I love you so very much, dear one! I am now aware that you have been trying to contact me for a long time; however, I simply would not or could not hear you. I realize that you  have been harboring your energy inside of me since the fall of 2003 when I began to be really unhappy with my former job. I want you to know that I absolutely and totally forgive you with all my heart and soul and mind. I forgive you and love you and trust you. You are absolutely forgiven by me.”

Step 4: I am also now aware that I have kept you trapped inside of me all that time. You wanted to be able to simply come, give me your message, and then leave. But because I was not aware of you and that my suicidal ideations that I entertained when I begged God to allow me to take my ball and go home to HIM, I consigned you to a concentration camp filled with angst and deprivation and punishment. I am so deeply sorry, Breastlumpia, that I kept you trapped inside of me all this time. Please, will you forgive me? I would be so very grateful if you would forgive me.

Breastlumpia: Healing Seeker, I am grateful that you forgive me. I did not want or intend for the lump in your breast to get so big or out of hand. It simply became like a small snowball that kept rolling and rolling and gathering more and more snow and ice around it. Therefore, it got bigger and bigger and bigger. Together, we must work together to endeavor to melt all those layers and layers of snow and ice with the heat of our love. Between each layer, there is an insulation cloth that prevents the layers below the outermost layer from melting. We really must take this one layer at a time. That is why you cannot afford to let even one day pass where you have not worked on your spiritual practice in an very active manner.

As for me forgiving you, as long as you prove your remorse by a DAILY, and I mean DAILY Spiritual Practice, yes, Dear One, I totally forgive you as well.

Me: Thank you, Breastlumpia, for your provisional forgiveness. Also, thanks for helping me to understand how this lump is composed and what is needful and required to do to help heal it. I am grateful that you are willing and dedicated to partnering me in this endeavor. Thank you so very much!

Step 5: Breastlumpia, please join with me in releasing one or as many layers as are able to melt and be removed, let us together send this layer or layers off with its guiding angel to the light. Outer Layer, I know you were trying to serve me in your own way; however, Breastlumpia and I now know a higher way to handle things. So you are free, free, absolutely free to go with your guiding angel to your light. Off you go. Off to the light you go.

Step 6: Holy Spirit, I know that nature abhors a vacuum. Please fill the space Outer Layer vacated with Love and Light and Divine Energy. Fill that space with Divine Love. Thank you so much for your assistance! I am so very grateful to you!

Breastlumpia: Holy Spirit, I am grateful to you as well.

Step 7: Thank you, dear Breastlumpia for partnering with me in this arena. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for your assistance. Thank you, God, for creating this wonderful, ever-expanding Universe. I love and appreciate you all!

Step 8: Breastlumpia, do you have any final words to share?

Breastlumpia: For now, I too feel very much at peace! I feel a level of release as well. I look forward to getting together with you early in the day tomorrow.

Me: I look forward to that as well. Thanks again for all your help! I hope this has helped my readers to understand a little better how the Reintegration Healing Process can be utilized to help heal absolutely anything since there are no limitations in God’s kingdom.

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