Posted by: healingseeker | January 5, 2010

Day 7 – A Visit from the Spirit World (27 December 2009)

Edited on 5 January 2010 about article written on:

27 December 2009

Christmas Eve, Christmas day, and day after Christmas, I put this whole issue aside to concentrate on family get-togethers and other matters.

This morning, I was once again dealing with some of my other writing tasks. Suddenly, I had a visitation from the spirit world that is impossible to ignore. This happens to me periodically.

I get these visitations in various manners. I have a whole team of angels and spirit guides that work with me on various tasks. They are headed up by a spirit guide I call my gatekeeper who makes certain that all of these entities are only from the light as I will not allow myself to play with the dark side. I recognize his voice just like I would recognize my mother’s voice. He feels like unconditional love and my best friend. He is available to me 24/7. That is a facet of my life for which I am truly grateful.

When someone new comes into my life, most often, this spirit makes its appearance by causing a feeling that is similar to static electricity all around my head. It feels like every hair on my head is standing on end. It lasts for as long as it takes for me to stop my busy-ness and concentration on other tasks. As I like to document important things when they happen, usually, I open up a new word processing document and begin the conversation with this entity. I clear the discussion with my gatekeeper first to make certain it is truly for my highest good to entertain this spirit.

This is how that preliminary conversation went:

Me: I feel that heightened sense all around my head that feels a bit like static electricity. I am aware this is my clue that a spirit is nearby who would like to communicate with me.

First, are you of the light?

Spirit: Yes, I am of the light.

Me: Are you someone who I have consciously talked with in the past?

Spirit: No, I am someone new to your current consciousness.

Me: Gatekeeper, is it a good idea for me to talk with this spirit?

Team: Yes, absolutely.

Me: Okay, Spirit, I am ready to hear what you would like to communicate. Also, please identify yourself and tell me what function or role you would like to play in my life.

Spirit: My name is Breatlumpia. I am here as a reminder to please do not stall on your daily spiritual practice that you agreed to do. Please work the re-integration process with me on a frequent basis to dissolve the layers one by one that have had a chance to build up. Please know that I was created from the thought forms you put out when you begged for God to allow you to take your ball and go home. Those thoughts had power. They didn’t make a full-fledged creation that is beyond reversal; however, they did create the reality of me.

Me: Thank you for the reminder. After I take care of some basic needs of going to the bathroom and eating my brunch, I will be happy to spend time conversing with you further. Are you content to wait?

Breastlumpia: Yes, I am. Until you deal with me spiritually, I am not going away.

Me: Touché.

So that is what occurred a few minutes ago. I had already begun practicing what I call the Reintegration Healing Process with Breastlumpia; however, I had not heard directly from her. So now I see that she and I will be having a more overt form of communication. The next section will finally put out there how to work the Reintegration Process directly. It is something you are welcome to apply to your life if it resonates for you as well.

Best wishes to  you and yours,

Healing Seeker

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