Posted by: healingseeker | January 5, 2010

Breastlumpia has Words of Wisdom

Edited on 5 January 2010 about article written on:

Either 28 or 29 December 2009

As I worked the Reintegration Healing Process, I went through the step where you ask for the message of the entity you are working with. Obviously, in my case, I am working with Breastlumpia. You may recall reading that I went through a time in my life when I was clinically depressed and would beg God to take me home early. I think I partially created the reality of this lemon-sized lump in my breast with that errant wish.

Here are her words of wisdom to me:

Me: Breastlumpia, do you have any message to communicate to me?

Breastlumpia: Yes, I do. You cannot afford to indulge in fatalistic attitudes. Do not allow yourself to default to begging God to take you home or suicidal ideations. That is not okay. It is not your time to go. You are here for a very specific purpose. It is safe for you to be here. Be aware that when you allow yourself to go there, no matter what the provocation, you are putting me in a concentration camp deprived of food and warmth and comfortable shelter. That is not fair or right or kind. Perhaps your loving heart who will feel compassion toward me, now that you are aware of my presence, will monitor that default mechanism of yours. As a result, you will no longer allow yourself to entertain or pine to not be in this world any longer.

The lump in your breast is to give you a physical reminder of what happens when you indulge in those suicidal ideations. You begin to create the potential reality of that happening. You don’t want to get to the point where you cross the point of no return when you no longer have the choice of whether to live or die. Right now, you still have choices and options and potential to bring healing to self and others. Choose life. Choose hope. Choose service to self, service to others – knowing that all of that is service to God.

Me: Thank you, Breastlumpia. I acknowledge the wisdom of your words. I will strive to do better.

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